Wednesday, April 27, 2011

golden bits

This past weekend I was at my parents' house in Thornhill for Easter. I always enjoy digging around for hidden treasures, so I decided to investigate my mum's stash of old valuables.

The first box in this series of photos contains bits of gold: broken jewelry, glasses frames, dental work, etc. I believe my mum inherited this box from my great great aunt Nan. There are teeth in there as well, and I don't know who's they were.

The Astro yogurt container holds family jewelry; some of it valuable, some of it just sentimental. My mother keeps it hidden in a pretty hilarious location. Let's just say that its neighbours are typically of the vegetable variety. The charm bracelet in the last photo has my grandparents (mother's side) and all their progeny (including grandchildren) on it. Neat-o.


erin jane / atlantic treefox said...

haha! maybe she should update the container so it doesn't look so conspicuous!

the teeth & the silhouette heads are great.

Kate Hunter said...


ha, yeah, I wonder how old that yogurt container is. I'm going to guess late 80s/early 90s, but who knows.

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