Thursday, January 6, 2011

making pasta, featuring Erick, the pasta maker extraordinaire!

1. make a well on your counter out of 2 cups of flour. crack 3 eggs into the well and add a pinch of salt

2. whisk the eggs together with a fork, then slowly start incorporating the flour

3. once it starts getting doughy, knead it for 10 minutes. (edit: then cover it up and let it rest for 20 minutes-ish)

4. find a handy dandy never been used pasta maker at value village. break the dough into 4 or so pieces, flatten them out a bit, then feed them through the roller on the widest setting. fold dough, and feed through again on same setting. repeat again. then feed through again on a lower setting, and again, decreasing the setting width each time.

5. feed through the fettuccine maker to make fettuccine!

6. hang to dry for 15-20 minutes. or maybe you can just throw it in the pot. i'm not sure if the drying part really matters if you're going to use it immediately.

7. make a tasty pasta out of your fettuccine with mushrooms, homemade pesto, some of the wine you've been drinking, and cheese (goat cheese, brie, cream cheese, whatever you have!)



Jesse Senko said...

We've got the same roller! We use it all the time. Stupid handle always falls out though.

I like making the well, and kneading even though we have a kitchenaid. And I heard it's important to let the dough rest after you knead it. Wrap it in something so it doesn't dry out for as long as you can (up to an hour).

We're becoming pros at ravioli.

Kate Hunter said...

Aah yes, I forgot to mention the resting part. We did that too.

Before we got the pasta roller I used to make ravioli by hand (though it took awhile to roll the dough flat enough with just a rolling pin!). Butternut squash ravioli is my personal favourite,

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