Tuesday, January 3, 2012

my 2011 in pictures

Holy moly, 2011 was an eventful year. It was really hard to choose photos for this post because so much happened! Without a doubt the busiest year of my life. 

February: The Beehive formed! Wedding planning started to come into full swing, and I made duffle bags for a school project.

March: Dyeing coffee filters to make poufs for the wedding, and starting seeds for our vegetable garden. The Beehive got together for some fun pysanky egg decorating, and my wedding dress came in the mail!

April: The end of the semester always means lots of school work. In this case, embroidery.

May: My wonderful grandpa, who lived a long and lovely life, passed away. Went to Doors Open Hamilton for the first time, and Erick and I went to Nova Scotia for a wedding and road trip.

July: We got MARRIED!! And also had a great "bachelorette weekend" at the cottage, went to long point beach and made a cool sand castle, made tons of strawberry jam for wedding favours, made beeswax candles with the lovely Beehive girls, and basically made all the decorations for the wedding. FUN!

August: An amazing honeymoon at my aunt and uncle's cottage in New Brunswick, and the first ever Beehive Summer Craft Fair took place.

September: Super Crawl, and The Beehive's large scale knit installation, Knit Night on The Brain! And canning tomatoes with Amanda, more farming, and the Toronto Garlic Festival at the Brickworks.

October: Lots of school work, combined with Needlework business planning. A delicious pie competition for Roisin's birthday, and apple picking and the Rockton World's Fair!

November: Babysitting Beau and a late garlic planting. And some fun weeknight bowling, plus lots more schoolwork and business planning.

December: A busy month of finishing and presenting our business plan for Needlework to CYBF, got approval for the loan, and started our business! Plus there was The One of A Kind Show, City of Craft, end of semester projects, making sea salt caramels and lemon rosemary shortbread with the Beehive gals. And many holiday parties.


Such a great year! It's going to be tough to top this one. But 2012 has lots in store, and I'm sure it's going to be just as amazing.
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